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Cornhole Games

Shop our HUGE selection of cornhole games.  We offer quality cornhole games including football cornhole games, baseball cornhole games, and regulation size cornhole games.  Each cornhole set comes with two boards and eight bags.  Before checking out, be sure to add your cornhole scoreboard

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NFL Table Top Cornhole
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Cornhole Games for Tailgating Parties

Tailgating has become a huge ritual in America, something that people look forward to almost as much as the games themselves. People love to crowd into a parking lot, playing games, cooking good food, and enjoying cold drinks at all hours of the day. This is a way for you to connect with your fellow fans and turn a simple game into a huge event. It is almost like the celebration of a holiday, especially if you are tailgating before a playoff game. However, you will have to do more than eat and talk, right? You will want to have some games to play to get everyone involved. Cornhole games are the perfect addition to any tailgating experience.

The way that a cornhole game set is used is fairly simple, but it can provide hours and hours of fun and excitement. There are two boards with holes drilled in them; these boards are slanted upward at a slight angle. All that you have to do is set them a certain distance apart -- the farther apart you put them, the more challenging the game will be -- so that they are sloping down toward each other. Then the players will stand next to opposing sides and throw a bean bag back and forth, attempting to get it in the hole. Each shot that goes in is tallied up, and the first person to reach the target score is the winner.

Many cornhole games are played with multiple bean bags so that you have to throw repeatedly. This adds a whole new dimension to the game because you can balance one bean bag on the flat, sloping surface and then knock it into the hole with your next throw. The traditional amount of bean bags to use with cornhole games is three, though you can change this up if you want to.

One of the nice things about the cornhole boards is that you can purchase them decked out with the colors and the logo of your favorite team(availability dependent). This is part of the reason that a cornhole game set is so ideal for a tailgating party. The whole idea of the party, after all, is to get fired up for the game. You will want to wear your favorite jersey, hat, t-shirt, or sweatshirt. You may even want to paint your face and fly a flag with your team colors from the top of your truck. When you add these decorated cornhole boards into the mix, everyone will feel the common joy of supporting the team.

If you really want to amp up the party, you should buy another cornhole game for your friends. You can set the two next to each other and have a competition. You could even set up a tournament and have multiple games going at once, working down toward a championship match. Most people tailgate for hours on end, so you should have plenty of time to do this before the real game begins. The people you are with will likely enjoy competition anyway since they are out to see a collegiate or professional sporting event, so there is a good chance that they would also enjoy participating in some serious competition beforehand.

One of the really nice things about a cornhole game set is that anyone can play and anyone can win. It is possible, of course, for someone to be better than someone else. The game takes a bit of skill since you have to judge the distance and learn how hard -- or how soft -- the throw the bean bags. However, this is not a game that takes inherent athletic ability. Some people are just more gifted when it comes to basketball or football because they are tall and strong. Playing a cornhole game does not give anyone an advantage. The weakest, shortest person at the tailgating party could turn out to be the best one and dominate every match that he or she takes on.

If you are going to be tailgating this year and really want to make your parties the best that anyone has ever gone to, you need to get at least one cornhole game. This will give people something to do so that they do not get bored. It will allow them to compete and battle against each other. The cornhole boards will be decorated to show your group's support of the team, adding to the festive atmosphere of the entire experience. Tailgating will always be fun. It is hard to go wrong when you put great food and cold drinks in the back of a truck outside of an athletic stadium. However, wouldn't you want to make the experience all that it can be? With these games, your tailgating will be awesome all year long.

Cornhole Games Information

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Cornhole Scoreboard - ScoreTower Deluxe Set Football Field Cornhole Board Set
Price : $59.99
Price : $89.99
Cornhole Scoreboard - ScoreTower Deluxe Set Football field cornhole bean bag toss game
  • Dual column scoring
  • Drink holders inluded
  • Reusable scoring box
  • Football field cornhole bean bag toss complete set
  • Wooden bean bag toss board with field design and folding legs
  • 8 bags included - 2 Boards each 36" x 24"
Generic Plastic Cornhole Tailgate Toss 2.0 Wooden Cornhole Game Set
Price : $89.99
Price : $179.99
Generic plastic cornhole tailgate toss 2.0 bean bag toss game Wooden Cornhole Game Set
  • Plastic cornhole set - Generic tailgate toss 2.0
  • Plain plastic bag toss boards and 8 bags
  • Portable cornhole with boards that lock together
  • Wooden cornhole set
  • High quality
  • 8 bags included - Each board 4' x 2'
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