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  Cornhole Scoreboard - ScoreTower Deluxe Set
Cornhole Scoreboard - ScoreTower Deluxe Set

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Product Code: SCOREBOARD01

Tailgater Stands (2)



Cornhole Scoreboard - Bean Bag Toss ScoreTower Deluxe Set

This cornhole scoreboard is the best selling bean bag toss scoring unit on the market.  The patented beverage holder makes it easy to keep score and NOT spill your.......soda.  This cornhole scoreboard features:
  • Dual column scoring
  • Double-sided graphics
  • Made from all-weather plastics designed for outdoor use
  • Color-coded scoreclamps
  • 58" tall so everyone can see the score
  • Reusable carry box
  • Pushes into the ground with ease
                                                      cornhole scoreboard stand

                                                   (Tailgater Stand Optional)

  • 1 Scoretower unit with drink holder
  • Extra drinkholder stand
  • Optional Tailgater Stands (2)
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