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  New England Patriots Garden Flag
New England Patriots Garden Flag

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New England Patriots Garden Flag

Are you looking for a fun way to show your New England Patriots spirit?  If you're a proud New England Patriots fan and want to tell the world which team is the greatest, consider hanging a garden flag.  Garden sports flags are eye-catching, colorful and visually impressive, and displaying one lest you shout out your allegiance to the New England Patriots.  By proudly flying your New England Patriots garden flag, you will reap countless rewards.

There are many times throughout the year that are perfect for flying this garden flag.  At the start of each season, hang one to show your enthusiasm for the upcoming games.  Throughout the playoffs, hooking up your flag front and center will show your rivals who is going to dominate.  You can even show your undying loyalty during those miserable, anxiety-including moments when most fans hid under the covers.

Not only does suspending a sports flag create a sense of unity, it stirs up opposing interest as well.  A little bit of rivalry is healthy and can stimulate many memorable moments. Nothing encourages a team rally like a bold, attention-grabbing, public display of New England Patriots pride.  What better way to coax your neighbors, friends and family into insightful conversations about which team has the most impressive lifelong record?

You can hang your garden flag virtually anywhere on your property, which gives you ample opportunity to be conspicuous about your preferences.  Fly your flag in the garden, your windows (THIS GARDEN FLAG INCLUDES SUCTION CUPS FOR WINDOW HANGING) or in your front entrance way.  You can even hang a few in different rooms of your home.


  • Measures 15" x 10.5"
  • Made of 100% durable nylon
  • Includes suction cups for window hanging
  • Officially licensed logo
  • Fits any sized garden flag stand

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