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Portable Bars

These portable bars are for the hardcore tailgater!  Impress your friends and show your team spirit by using the portable bar pregame at the parking lot, outside your patio, BBQ party, or at the beach. 

   NFL Portable Bars

                       NFL Portable Bars - All 32 Teams Available                

                             NCAA Portable Bars

                                          NCAA Portable Bars

Game day is a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy one of America's favorite past times. Football is a sport unique to America and there is no better way to spend your time off than watching football with those closest to you. If you have guests over for a game, it is your duty to be a good host and keep them satisfied.

There should be plenty of food available for your guests. This means you should order a platter of Buffalo wings or have a barbeque. You are also going to want to serve beverages. Sure, you can just leave some sodas and plastic cups by a table and let your guests help themselves. However, this is game day; why not show your team spirit by having a NFL portable bar? A portable bar is great for outdoors and provides what you need to serve the best beverages for your guests.

These portable bars are excellent for patios, lawns and parking lots. They are even compact enough for indoor use. The bar requires no more than five minutes to set up and can be easily transported. Each portable bar comes with an L-shaped bar with inner compartments to store drinks and cups. Each set also comes with four folding stools and an umbrella that can be attached to the bar. In addition, a side table is included so you will have extra space to place other items. All components can be disassembled and stored in a wheeled container for easy transportation.

The NFL portable bar is available in every team logo. The bar, umbrella and stools all have the logo imprinted on them. If you prefer NCAA football, then an NCAA portable bar is available as well. Like the NFL ones, an NCAA portable bar is available in all team logos.

These portable bars can be used in diverse ways. For indoors, they can be placed behind the living room, so guests can keep their eyes on the game as they grab a drink. They do not necessarily have to be used on game day. They are good for any occasion, like barbeques for holidays on the fourth of July or Memorial Day. If you attend a live game, then you can set up the bar by the parking lot right before a game to get everyone pumped up. They are also good immediately after a game, regardless of the outcome.

Football is so much more than a sport. It is a part of American tradition that everyone can participate in by rooting for their favorite team. Take pride in the team and players that represents your city. Exhibit your team support by getting a portable bar adorned with the design of your team.


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