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Tailgating Games

Shop the hottest tailgating games for every sports fan!  Be apart of the cornhole game craze or try out washer toss.  We strive to keep 99% of our tailgating games in stock at all times.  Click on your favorite team to learn more about each game. 

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Tailgating games are the hit of any tailgating party!

     Tailgating has become a huge part of sports. When people attend a sporting event, they want to get the most out of it. Part of the experience is gathering with friends and having a good time before the games begin. Tailgating is popular for all sports, but it is especially big with baseball and football. There are many elements to a great tailgate. You definitely want to have food. You want to have drinks as well. However, one key part of tailgating that some people overlook is entertainment. The best form of entertainment might be tailgating party games. There are many different tailgating games to choose from. Here is a look at some of the basics.

     One of the most popular football tailgating games is known as cornhole, or the bean bag toss. This is a game where players stand at a distance from a tailgating table that is angled a little off the ground. There is a hole near the top of the table. The object is to toss a bean bag through the hole. Players score points by getting a bean bag through the hole or on the board. There are also points awarded for bags that land partially in the hole. Players take turns tossing the bags at the target. The game is similar in theory to horseshoes. To get the most out of playing cornhole, you should get the right equipment. You can order a great table that features your favorite team logo on it. For football tailgating games, consider getting a football field design on the board. For baseball, you can get a diamond. Boards are available in wood and plastic, so you have some options. They are also easy to transport. Using the right equipment will impress your fellow tailgaters. If you're going to play tailgating games, do it the right way. If you're an avid sports fan, you should get multiple products. You can get one with your favorite NFL team, one with your favorite baseball team, and one with your favorite college. This way, you are covered for all of your tailgating experiences. After you are done tailgating, you can set it up in your yard or basement and play any time.

     Another of the classic tailgating party games is beer pong. Beer pong is played with many variations. However, the object is always the same. You want to toss a ping pong ball in to a cup at the opposite end of the table. The first team to eliminate all of the cups wins the game. Of course, if you're playing beer pong at a tailgate, then you will need something that is easy to transport. You can get a regulation size table that folds up. That makes it easy to store in your car. It is also light, so it is easy to carry. Beer pong tables are available with some amazing designs. Imagine a football field showing up on the top of your beer pong table. That is a fitting piece of equipment for any tailgate. You could also get a table with a baseball diamond on it. If you are an avid beer pong player, consider a table with the official beer pong logo. There are plenty of varieties too choose from. The great thing about this game is that anyone can play. It doesn't take up much room either. Beer pong is a sure hit at any tailgate. It is a great way to get fired up for a sporting event. You can also use your beer pong table in your own house. Consider hosting a tournament with some friends.

     Another great tailgating game is known as the washer toss. This is a game that is also similar in theory to horseshoes. With this game, players toss washers in to a can at a distance away. The game works the same way as horseshoes, so you don't have to spend a lot of time explaining it to people. You can get some great equipment for this game as well. Consider getting a set designed after your favorite team. The washers will come in the team colors. Washer toss is a great addition to your tailgate.

     When it comes to tailgating games, an easy option you might consider is the football toss game. This is a game where players try to toss bolos on rungs from a certain distance. The game is also known as ladders. For a great experience, get a set with a football design. The base will look like a field with your team logo on it. The ladders will resemble a goal post. Scoring rules vary for this game, so you can customize it any way you want. It's a truly fun tailgating game.

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